The Oak Bay Village Night Market Looks Forward to Accepting Vendors in 2022

in the face of ongoing limitations during the pandemic we look forward to returning to a full Oak Bay Village Night Market in 2022. Updates will be posted leading up to that time here and on our Facebook Page. The Market is a "make it, bake it, grow it" market which means items for sale must be made, baked or grown by the seller. We do not accept applications from resellers, local distributors of major brands or multi-level marketing companies.

Please Note

Applications may be submitted by mail to our P.O Box listed on the application form and on our contact page or delivered in person in the BIA drawer at the Oak Bay Municipal Hall. Please note the Municiupal Hall is a drop location for vendor convenience only. They cannot answer any questions about the market.

Please do not send money until your acceptance has been confirmed. 

We do not offer space for single markets - applications are for the full season only. No exceptions.

Please do not call about the status of your application. All applicants will receive a response.

Due to an overwhelming amount of email, inquiries about space availability will not be answered. If you are interested in the market  please submit an application. Applications will close when the market is full and this will be indicated on our website and Facebook page.

Market cost, dates and policy details are outlined in the application and Code of Conduct documents.

Thank you to all applicants and participants for your support of the success of the Oak Bay Village Night Market.