Music in the Village Musician Application

Music in the Village is presented by the businesses of Oak Bay Village.

Musicians are invited to apply to the program as solo musicians, duos or trios.



Presentation must be family-friendly (no profanity, racist or sexist language)

No musical repeats within in a two hour set.

We welcome musicians of all ages to apply.

Musicians are required to invoice for their fee. A cheque will be mailed or ready to pick up within one week of performing.

Musician contact information will not be shared. Musicians may be contacted in the future to perform at Oak Bay Village events.

*Your name or the name of your group
How many people in your group?
*Where can we hear a sample of your music? Provide links here. If you need to send files please indicate here that files will be sent.
*What dates are you available to play? Check all that apply. Depending on the response musicians may be booked for more than one timeslot and some timeslots may not be filled.

We are primarily looking for acoustic music. Occasionally we may be able to provide power. Do you require power in order to perform?
*Contact info. Please provide an emai address and phone number.
Is there anything else we should know?
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* Denotes Required Fields